“Hello, World!” message

As it use to be in old days I’d like to say “Hello, World!”. This is a new blog meant to be a good place to collect all the good tips and tricks for Big Win Hockey game. Though, I guess generally it should not be much different for soccer, basketball and football. 

I discovered that not much information is available regarding gameplay and tricks and would like to have a bit deeper approach to this investigation. In order to do so we need to collect more data from different player, so you all guys are very welcome to come and share your data and knowledge.

Please be tuned for next message with ideas as per how to proceed! 🙂

PS: Please be free to share any ideas by leaving a comment for this post!


One Comment on ““Hello, World!” message”

  1. gameblows says:

    hey guys just found this new working hack for Big Win Soccer
    check it out here : http://hackworldcheat.blogspot.com/2013/06/big-win-soccer-free-hack-tool-androidios.html

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