How to rocket start the game

Good start of your team’s career is a key to a successful future in the game. There are several factors that influence such good start. First of all it is the initial pack. If it is not good, including player levels, skills, etc., than it’s better to restart and do so until you get decent team to further continue with.

Next, you should create your super team consisting of gold players – that alone would do good until level 15-20. In order to do so you need to win 2-3 first cups and receive your 200-300 points. If you succeed – start downloading reward apps to receive even more points. In case  you lose first games than again its better to restart your team.

After you spend these 500-600 points for Gold packs, most definitely you’ll receive quite top team as it should outcome at least with 18-20 players out of which you can choose 2 wingers, 1 center, 2 defensemen and a goalie.

So, after just 3 games you have a good team and can proceed with gathering more and more points. Do not spend points without any promo from Big Win. Basically, your target is to improve your player’s level, so you need to hunt for top notch platinum players. Collect points, wait for promo, like “all platinum players are 80+” or “get 50% more players in Big players packs”, etc.  and fish for good players!

It is also noted that Big players packs are more efficient, so don’t bother to spend your points for Gold packs. Good luck, folks!


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