Completely out of energy?

This is probably most common and famous cheat in many games, not only in Big Win Hockey, and although we do not support any cheating, we have to say about it. Sometimes that small tweak can help you in situations where you don’t have time to compete later after your team’s energy restore – going to plain, sleeping, etc. 🙂

The trick is simple. When you are out of energy just go to settings and change time by one or two hours ahead – depending on how much energy you need. Please keep in mind that if you change back immediately after games played you’ll have a problem. So, you have to wait these extra one-two hours for energy to actually restore then you can change your time back.

Game is dependent on server, so you’ll have to deal with that. That is the reason why you cannot do it all the time – it will get messy at some point or you’ll have to have separate device dedicated to that game where you don’t care about date and time at all. Play Big Win Hockey and have fun! Don’t cheat! 🙂


2 Comments on “Completely out of energy?”

  1. bigwinhockey says:

    I wonder, has anybody tried to crash the game by setting time backwards and causing a collision? Need to try this with my old iphone. 🙂

  2. Animal says:

    Actually you can modify an attribute in a file to achieve the same this after start-up. It restores your energy instantly and fully.

    Keep in mind that your file name may be different, which is why I represent the remainder of the file name with the “…” notation.

    Edit that file in a text editor and change the integer after the attribute “EnergyRechargeTime” from 600 to a lower value (in my case 6). The integer represents time in seconds.

    After I make this change I always receive full energy.

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