Major upgrade! Version 2.0 is here

As many of you have probably already seen, version 2.0 of Big Win Hockey has been introduced today. This is first big upgrade since long time. New features available include:

– New possibilities to try your skills in different leagues – there are now four of them: Amateur 10 games, Amateur 20 games, Pro 10 games and Pro 20 games

-Event tab – new Featured Events will be held where everyone can win some awesome prizes from Big Win Sports

– Game simulation improvements

As you can see from above main focus of this upgrade is to improve gameplay, which is not going to be adjusted just by algorithm of game engine, but also by differentiation of leagues.

Time will show how much they succeeded in this area.

Please let us know any new features and issues that you’ll find in version 2.0


2 Comments on “Major upgrade! Version 2.0 is here”

  1. bigwinhockey says:

    First findings, in a Pro 20 league just had an opponent who was level 1 (4th game) against my level 52. Never seen anything like this in previous version. So, basically no level limits now as soon as you entered the league…

    • bigwinhockey says:

      Due to above said as everyone is now trying to participate in Pro leagus games become more positive – rarely you can have 80+ opponent, so after 10 games GD is already 52 🙂 Unbelivable figure for previous version. Sadly, it will change as soon as lower level players become more careful. 🙂

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