Skills to choose for your players

In your hockey team you have four types of players: center, winger, defenseman and goalie. Each of them can have four special skills that you can apply while they are just being drafted. In order to have better results you’d better apply proper skills to each type. Read the rest of this entry »


Friends Trophy list for BigWin Hockey

Many of us are organizing our own friends trophies and many of us are playing in these friends trophies. Often such cups do not have enough players which basically kills the cup. Read the rest of this entry »

Even more big bucks

Everyone knows that key to this game is a strong team. So, every one of us is chasing those high ranked Big Players. In order to succeed in this we’d need more and more big bucks. Surely one way is to win trophy money, but as you know you’ll never have extra money, so do not hesitate to earn even more big bucks by installing programs through Tapjoy. Read the rest of this entry »