Friends Trophy list for BigWin Hockey

Many of us are organizing our own friends trophies and many of us are playing in these friends trophies. Often such cups do not have enough players which basically kills the cup. I figured out that it would be a good idea to have some common place where everyone can advertise their friends trophy.

Please share information about your trophies in comments to this post. Do not forget to indicate name of the cup, average players per day and possibly level of teams. Have fun!



9 Comments on “Friends Trophy list for BigWin Hockey”

  1. Auto.patrol says:

    League: KHL
    Participants: Av. 4-6 teams

  2. Lakritsbiten says:

    Please join “Solender Cup”

  3. Fire On Ice says:

    please join FireOnIceTop10Teams First Competition Tomorrow!

  4. Fire On Ice says:

    Place 1 will get a trophy if over 8 join. please reply to this message with team name, level, Win,Loses ,Ties if you are going to compete

  5. Phil says:

    How about joining the NHL Cup?

  6. Lemonz says:

    Join the “Brazil Cup” trophy!

  7. Tilly says:

    hey, i am pretty new to the game and don’t really understand how to join other trophys or make friends. i played all 4 trophys (10/20 amateur + 10/20 pro) and now i cant do anything else,
    i would love to join other trophys friends trophys and so on but dont see the link how to do that…

  8. Please join the Memorial Cup. We have 2 members and need at least 8 more. Thanks.

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