Skills to choose for your players

In your hockey team you have four types of players: center, winger, defenseman and goalie. Each of them can have four special skills that you can apply while they are just being drafted. In order to have better results you’d better apply proper skills to each type.

Center is a key attacking player, so for this player most critical is to have good Shot skill. So, two Shot skills, one Skate and one Pass should be a good combination.

Wingers are best assistants to Center, while they are also good shooters. In this case you better have two Pass skills, at least one Shot and one Skate skill.

Defenders are the ones who prevent attacking players from the other team from reaching your goal. You’ll need two Defend skills, definitely you would need at least one Pass skill, and either Stick Handle or Skate Skill.

For Goalie you better definitely have all three possible skills plus one double skill of your choice.

As you can see, general idea is to have special double skill for each specific type of player. The rest is up to you. Experiment and have fun!


10 Comments on “Skills to choose for your players”

  1. Enthon says:

    Well, nice page but there a more places for good tips…

  2. Isak says:

    how do you get your platinum players up to 90+? I’m still quite a novice when it comes to skill boosts =/

    • bigwinhockey says:

      You can do +8 points with skill boosts. So, in order to go 90+ you need a platinum player with at least 83 basic points initially. Then you add platinum boosts and you are there!

  3. al says:

    How do create team chemistry in big win hockey? What do they mean by natural position? The game is designed to make you place the right player ¡n the slot so how can it be not natural?

    • Toronto Maple Leafs says:

      You will need to place all of the players in the right slots, so Left Wing into LW position, Right Defense into RD and so on. If you have players from before the update, you will not be able to get the bonus, since prior you had defense and wingers as general, can place whenever you want. After update, Left and Right W and D became specific.

      • Webhoncho says:

        In other words, Big Win Hockey is broken and Big Win programmers are not very insightful. For players from before the update, Big Win programmers apparently can’t figure out how to identify the “natural position” of each player even though the codes “RW”, “LW”, etc. have ALWAYS been included as one of the properties of the player data set. Amateurs…

  4. bigwinhockey says:

    Does anyone experience 5 points bonus after puting all the players into proper positions? Every team I meet which has proper chemistry still has average points without +5 bonus. Any ideas?

  5. Deen Mykol says:

    I think he speed of the players is most important. I have players with higher speed who score more goals than players with a higher scoring ability and less speed. The speed generates more offense by allowing players to get to the net quickly and more often.

  6. shitter says:

    This doesn’t tell how HOW to use the skill cards.

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