Big Win introduces team chemistry

As an update for Android version came out a couple days ago and iOS version just made it after approval by Apple, Big Win introduces their new feature called “team chemistry”. Many of you been thinking about the meaning of that term, but what they did is just simply splitted winger and defenseman positions into left and right. So now you have left winger and right winger position and so is for defenseman. Basically you just need to collect new players for these positions and you’ll have additional 5 points bonus for your team rating. Now, before the hunt for these cards shall we wait for Big Rush cards introduction? Good luck!


10 Comments on “Big Win introduces team chemistry”

  1. donald says:

    Sorry for my english what happen with our old card players wing or defense because they are not right or left

  2. Rampage Revellers says:

    I just spent all my bucks getting gold & platinum players without Left or Right positions & now I need to go out & get new players. I think Big Win should fix this.

  3. bigwinhockey says:

    Unfortunately all these cards could be used only until you find proper new players card in order to get +5 bonus. After that you can sell and forget about them. Basically +5 bonus is a way for big win to force us purchasing new cards. 🙂

  4. DA says:

    this was helpful; bummer that i get penalized in the process though. Would have been nice to grandfather this in so that old players can play either.

  5. bigwinhockey says:

    This is how Big Win forces us to spend more money… Definitely they won’t be happy to lose such an apprortunity.

  6. Why does one only get goalies and centers in bronze packs? We should get untire potions in card packs.

  7. Swagboy2002 says:

    When does the BIG RUSH pack come out

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