Another hockey event is coming up

It’s been announced by Big Win that new round of hockey event will be opened within upcoming hours.

This time Big Win decided to launch Big Rush packs before opening of the event. In these packs you have a chance to find Right Winger (lv 100) and Left Winger (lv 100). Based on idea that superstars are not renewable, it is clear that their main purpose is to be used for events in order to reinforce your team for the limited by 50 games time. So, this time event participation would be more challenging due to the fact that we will see more teams that have superstar Goalies, Right Wingers and Left Wingers.

Another thought is that reward for event is not so significant unless you win or get into Top5. In all other cases you hardly cover Big Bucks that you’ve spent for this event. Taking this into account it would be a good idea to use superstars more effectively for regular trophies where, for example you could win 600 Big Bucks by participating in Pro 20 Games with such a reinforced team. Unless Big Win will change reward policy. In any case it is up to you to decide and good luck!


2 Comments on “Another hockey event is coming up”

  1. bigwinhockey says:

    Anyone got anything more than lv 100 in this big rush?

  2. bigwinhockey says:

    Yeah, already seen lv 105 RW and LW….

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