Bizarre game results for Big Win hockey

Lately you can see many reports and frustration coming about strange or better to say random results in big win hockey game. In this post I’d like to propose my vision of this issue.

First of all let’s agree that something strange has happened with big win hockey game after latest updates. All the high level players noticed that their results while playing with low level teams became rubbish. Obviously it is very frustrating and many teams even declared that they are quitting the game. So what is going on?

I’d like to share my intelligent guess as per what it might be. Many years ago I was involved into coding of online casino software. It was many many years ago and it was not so nice and advanced as it is now, but one thing was for sure the same – correction function. If by some chance (surely pure luck) you start to win intensively – correction function comes in place and easily puts you back within several minutes in a way that you don’t even notice. You just start winning a bit less and losing a bit more. It is very smart and done in a such a manner that you really don’t feel cheated.

So, my guess is that in order to give some handicap to lower level teams Big Win decided to implement something similar in their engine. If, for example, I win two cups in a row I can be sure that next trophy I’ll screw up completely – doesn’t matter which teams I play.

Another proof of this assumption is that I almost never screw up games when playing low level teams in friends challenge mode. Isn’t it strange? But it is easily explained with this correction function, as it just doesn’t turn on in this mode.

Please share your thoughts about this issue. Is it only high level teams who are complaining? How is you game when you are below level 60 team? Any other thoughts regarding this issue.

Hope for your feedback! Good luck!


5 Comments on “Bizarre game results for Big Win hockey”

  1. I am only level 13 and of I play a low level say under 5 I usally lose.

  2. Torspo says:

    My team is now rated 92 and I feel like I’m losing much more than when my team was rated like 85. I’ll completely agree with your “win two cups and screw up royally next cup” observation. Nowadays I’m lucky if I go 7-3 or 16-4 on good days.

  3. Wizkid says:

    I feel the game is critically flawed with game results. There is little point in attempting to improve your team once you have attained roughly rating 85. And the creators explanation of “upsets happen” when asked why so many high rated teams are consistenly beated by teams rated 30-40 lower is nonsense. Simply put, luck is the greatest factor when determining who wins and loses – not the rating of the teams nor the impact cards.

  4. Deen Mykol says:

    I believe they allow the lower rank teams to win in order to keep new people from uninstalling the game.Any time a person with a 46 overall beats a 92 overall this will surely keep them playing the game. But look at it like this if you play a team with 40 or 50 overall in a best of seven series they might get in one game. The odds of them winning against might be one in 4 or 10 or whatever. It just so happened that they beat you that one game and its not a series. I have a 96 overall at best it frustrates me to lose like that but I understand why big win doesn’t. Us beating the weaker teams would make the game too predictable.

    • Gary pino says:

      I get what your saying, but in the challenges for the cup teams like aliens are scorimg close to.300 goals in 50 games, do the math thatsv8 some goals a game, how is this done?
      Little rangers

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