Few facts about BigWin Hockey game

It should be interesting to know several facts about the game that could be helpful for all of you fans of BigWin hockey games. So here we go:

– It does not matter if you are Home team or Away team, result will not be affected by that fact;

– It does not matter how many energy bars you have, it does not affect gameplay;

Please post your comments with your findings.


3 Comments on “Few facts about BigWin Hockey game”

  1. gosensgo19 says:

    Question: should I buy a gold player pack (400 bucks each) when I reach 400 bucks or buy 40 regular gold packs (10 bucks each). Haven’t had luck getting players in gold packs, but what is the better option?

    • little rangers says:

      Your better off getting the ,400 dollar players pack. Your guaranteed to get 2 gold players and a good shot a platinum player as well. The 10 dollar packs rarely produce a gold player. Hope this helps??? G… Aka little rangers

  2. Gary pino says:

    I’m so curious how some of these guys are scoring near 300/ goals in the challenges? 50 games and I came close to 200 but the numbers lately are sick. How are they doing this, aliens is the king at this, ace of spades not far behind. Any help would be compensated $$
    Little rangers

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