Friends Trophy list for BigWin Hockey

Many of us are organizing our own friends trophies and many of us are playing in these friends trophies. Often such cups do not have enough players which basically kills the cup. Read the rest of this entry »


Even more big bucks

Everyone knows that key to this game is a strong team. So, every one of us is chasing those high ranked Big Players. In order to succeed in this we’d need more and more big bucks. Surely one way is to win trophy money, but as you know you’ll never have extra money, so do not hesitate to earn even more big bucks by installing programs through Tapjoy. Read the rest of this entry »

Major upgrade! Version 2.0 is here

As many of you have probably already seen, version 2.0 of Big Win Hockey has been introduced today. This is first big upgrade since long time. Read the rest of this entry »

Completely out of energy?

This is probably most common and famous cheat in many games, not only in Big Win Hockey, and although we do not support any cheating, we have to say about it. Sometimes that small tweak can help you in situations where you don’t have time to compete later after your team’s energy restore – going to plain, sleeping, etc. 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

How to rocket start the game

Good start of your team’s career is a key to a successful future in the game. There are several factors that influence such good start. First of all it is the initial pack. If it is not good, including player levels, skills, etc., than it’s better to restart and do so until you get decent team to further continue with. Read the rest of this entry »

“Hello, World!” message

As it use to be in old days I’d like to say “Hello, World!”. This is a new blog meant to be a good place to collect all the good tips and tricks for Big Win Hockey game. Though, I guess generally it should not be much different for soccer, basketball and football.  Read the rest of this entry »