Does energy level affect your results?

Many times I had a question to myself if energy bar level really affects the game result or not. At some point I even tried to test playing only one-two games than rest. So does it? Read the rest of this entry »


400 cards issue – fixed!

Most of you should already ran into 400 cards sale issue. Big Win are claiming that they are already testing a bugfix for that. But if you are still suffering… Read the rest of this entry »

Skills to choose for your players

In your hockey team you have four types of players: center, winger, defenseman and goalie. Each of them can have four special skills that you can apply while they are just being drafted. In order to have better results you’d better apply proper skills to each type. Read the rest of this entry »

How to rocket start the game

Good start of your team’s career is a key to a successful future in the game. There are several factors that influence such good start. First of all it is the initial pack. If it is not good, including player levels, skills, etc., than it’s better to restart and do so until you get decent team to further continue with. Read the rest of this entry »